A free newspaper made to accompany ‘Smoke & Mirrors', an exhibition at The Tabernacle Gallery / London W11 / June 13 - June 19 / 2022. Printed June 2022. © Steve Mepsted 2017-2022


“In the days that followed June 14th, the whole area seemed caught in a kind of somnambulism. It was as if a sickness had descended and cloaked the buildings, creeping along the streets. People moved in a sleepy vacant manner; neighbours and friends would greet each other with eyes unfocused and bodies slack, as if still in a dream they’d had, and couldn’t quite believe was true. Quickly people woke up and mobilised.”

This newspaper sets out a timeline of events leading to the fire and bringing us up to date. Included is an Interview with a local activist Moyra Samuels, a powerful personal testimony and a call for change. It tells the stories of activism surrounding this issue, highlights the corruption and collusion in the building development industry and its contractors and asks how we should remember the 72 people who died.

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