Criss-crossing the United States by Amtrak Train 2012

The USA by Train

America 2012, New Orleans, Washington DC, Niagara falls, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Travel, Kingman, El Paso, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Austin TX, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff……Its 5.19am July 6th 2012 and the Amtrak train I boarded in Kingman four hours earlier pulls into the tiny town of Flagstaff, AZ. The conductor has woken me and I, along with ten other passengers, quietly leave the carriage so as not to disturb the seeping forms around us. The sun is just beginning to light up the sky, birds stir into song and a tall 1950ís Motel sign (Rooms $5) is revealed near the side of the tracks, its skeletal form glows orange in a new Arizona dawn. I am based here for a period of time, mainly to visit the Grand Canyon (a birthday present to myself). I am feeling very sleepy and calculate that by now I have travelled nearly 4000 miles since departing from Penn Station in New York over three weeks previously. I have many more miles to go. Read the full story here