About Me

My first degree was in Fine Art Painting and I hold a Masters Degree in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from London College of Communication, completed in 2012

I am an artist who primarily uses photography to explore notions of community, neighbourhood and local identity. In doing so I hope to reflect the effect that infrastructural change, national policy and local activism has on the general ‘health’, capital, assets and resilience of (these) social structures and the populace. My current project is entitled ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ and is concerned with photographing the aftermath and events surrounding the Grenfell Tower disaster of June 14th 2017, which happened a few hundred yards away from where I live.

I find myself more and more concerned with exploring complementary ways of making pictures: experimenting with the physical and metaphorical qualities of surface, exploiting analogue materials, ‘alternative’ processes, time-based media and installation.